We primarily offer 3 species of Christmas trees. Availability and proximity to parking area varies each season.


Also known as "Southern Balsam," this stately fir, native to the Great Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee, is closely related to its northern counterpart. Its soft, emerald-green needles with silvery undersides are about three-quarters of an inch in length. Its texture, sturdy branching, and outstanding needle retention make it a superb Christmas tree whose popularity has grown rapidly in recent years.

Needle Type: Soft - Flat

Needle Color: Silvery Blue / Dark Green

Needle Length:1/2" to 1"

Needle RetentionBest

Aroma: Pleasant

Branch Strength: Good


Found throughout the central Rockies, this spruce borrows its name from the Centennial State and has stout, three-sided needles about three-quarters of an inch in length. Its foliage can vary in color from dark green to indigo blue. Its sturdy branching and good needle retention make it a desirable Christmas tree, while its excellent form and outstanding color make it the premier ornamental evergreen.

Needle Type: Stiff

Needle Color: Dark Green to Powder Blue

Needle Length: 3/4" to 1 1/2"

Needle Retention: Good

Aroma: Strong

Branch Strength: Best


Most commonly known as White Fir, this evergreen is widely distributed throughout the southwestern United States, from the Rockies of Colorado and New Mexico in the east, to California's Sierra Nevada range in the west. Its soft, silvery-blue foliage, with flattened needles about two to three inches in length, has a distinctive citrus aroma. Its outstanding color and excellent needle retention make it an increasingly popular Christmas tree.

Needle Type: Flat
Needle Color: Green / Silvery Blue

Needle Length: 2" to 3"

Needle Retention: Better

Aroma: Strong Citrus

Branch Strength: Better

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